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Zagreb – the capital of Croatia

Zagreb is a modern European city, one of the most exciting touristic directions in Croatia. Zagreb has 4 climate seasons: hot sunny summer, golden warm autumn, snowy moderately cold winter and green fresh spring.

Very well preserved beautiful old Zagreb’s centre and many entertainments for all ages make our Zagreb an attractive place for rest, for spending the interesting and exciting weekends and holydays!

Zagreb is located in a centre of Europe, so it has a great avia-connection with all the cities of the world; it is fully integrated into bus and railway transport system of Europe.

In 2017 Zagreb city rightfully took the first place in rating hotlist European destinations “You need to see in 2017” by the world-famous edition of the guidebooks Lonely Planet

Sightseeing Zagreb capital of Croatia

Zagreb is an ancient European city, the first mention of it dates back to 1093. Zagreb was never built as a national capital, and only after the declaration of independence of Croatia in 1991, when Zagreb took the title of the capital of Croatia. Since then, Zagreb has been constantly developed and reconstructed.

Zagreb the capital of Croatia

Nowadays, Zagreb is a modern European city with a rich cultural and scientific heritage, the political and business centre of the Republic of Croatia, and the main transport and trade hub between the Adriatic coast and Central Europe.

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia.

The population of Zagreb is 792 875 people (2011), the total are is 650 sq. km.

Zagreb is 122 m above sea level, in the norsthern part of Croatia, in 170 km from the Adriatic sea.

Zagreb coordinates for navigating devices: 45°10;15\’N, 15°30\’E

Sightseeing in Zagreb

Sightseeing Zagreb capital of Croatia
The main Zagreb sights are located in
the central historical parts of Zagreb – Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and Donji Grad (Down Town).

There are many museums of various themes and art galleries, theaters and concert halls, park Maksimir with Zagreb ZOO, famous cemetery Mirogoj, nature park Medvednica with fortress of Medvedgrad and many many others…

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Advent and Cristmas in Zagreb

Advent and Cristmas in Zagreb
Christmas fairy tale festivities are organised every year on Christmas eve and during the holidays.
In the central square of Zargeb — Ban Jelačić square — and on in the nearest streets, the largest in Croatia traditional Christmas fair is organised.

In 2015 popular travel portal Best European Christmas Destination proposed Zagreb for The Best European Christmas Destination.

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Zagreb for kids

Aquaparks Waterparks Zagreb Croatia
Zagreb is a great place to visit with kids.
Zagreb is family friendly city.

There are a lot fun interesting attractions and activities for kids in Zagreb.

TOP 10 for kids in Zagreb:
ZOO Zagreb, kids train, observation deck, parks, Botanical garden, Astronomical Observatory, City Museum, Technical museum Nikola Tesla…

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Aquaparks & waterparks nearby Zagreb

Aquaparks Waterparks Zagreb Croatia
On distance 40-130 km from Zagreb there are several indoors and outdoors aquaparks.

Most of waterparks next to Zagreb use thermal mineral water.

… Aquae Vivae aqua park in Krapinske Toplice, Water Planet in Tuheljske Toplice, Terme Jezercica waterpark, Life Class Terme Sveti Martin aqua park …

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Shopping in Zagreb

Shopping in Zagreb Croatia
Currently, the total area of Croatian shopping centre is about 900,000 sq.m. This equals about 250 sq.m. per 1 000 people, though on average in Europe, this number equals 190 sq.m., as a research made by CB Richard Ellis states.

The largest Zagreb shopping centre is Westgate, Avenue Mall Zagreb, Arena shopping centre, Roses Fashion Outlet.

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Ski in Zagreb

Ski in Zagreb Croatia
The Sljeme ski resort of Croatia is located on mountain Medvednica nature park.

Medvednica park is 10 km away from Zagreb centre.
The total length of the slopes of the Sljeme ski resort is about 4045 meters.

Distance from Sljeme ski resort to Zagreb airport is 33 km.

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Hotels, hostels and apartments in Zagreb

Hotels, hostels and apartments in Zagreb
In Zagreb there are more various hotels and hostels for guests with different requirements.

If you are traveling in a large family or group you are more comfortable and cheaper to rent a private apartment in Zagreb.

The nearest airport to Zagreb city is airport Zagreb.
The best hotels in Zagreb city Croatia by guests reviews.

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Zagorje & Zagreb neighborhood sights

Sightseeing Zagreb neighborhood Croatia
Zagorje with its picturesque rivers and forests is in the northwestern part of Croatia.

Among the main landmarks of Zagorje are: Gornja Stubica — the Orsic palace, the Veliki Tabor palace, the Traskocan palace, the settlement of Kumrovec, Klanec, the forest of Medvednica, Ivancici, Maceljski highlands, thermal springs: Krapinske, Stubicke and Tuheljske toplice…

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Getting in Zagreb

Getting in Zagreb
Zagreb is located in Central Europe.
Airport in Zagreb connects Zagreb with all cities of Croatia and more than 25 European countries.
Zagreb has perfect transport linkage with European countries.
Motorways connect Zagreb with all cities and regions of Croatia and many European countries.
Bus traffic connects Zagreb with all cities of Croatia and many European countries, including Slovenia, Germany, Hungary and Italy.
Croatia is integrated into such European railways.

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Rent a car in Zagreb

You can rent a car at the airport Zagreb – Pleso, as well as in the Zagreb city center.

In Croatia more than 30 firms offer the visitors of the Croatian car rental services, and all they have offices in the capital of Croatia – Zagreb.

Štrukli – What test in Zagreb?

Strukli What test in Zagreb Zagorje speciality delicacy

Strukli / Štrukli is a popular and very tasty dish of Croatian cuisine – a delicacy that came to Zagreb from Zagorje – the central agrarian part of Croatia.

At the heart of the dish Strukli – cottage cheese. Strukli can be salted and sweet, baked and boiled … and nay Strukli with truffles!

The best Croatian Strukli you can test in the center of Zagreb city…

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Best Hotels & Private Apartments of Zagreb online:

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