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Winter in Croatia


Winter in the continental part of Croatia is of the same type as everywhere else in Europe, with no severe frosts or great temperature drops.

On the coast of Croatia winter is snowless, with the temperatures above zero throughout all winter.

Winter in Split Croatia

Croatia, being uniquely located in two climate zones, offers its guests a possibility to walk along the Adriatic coast in the morning, eat some freshly-caught grilled fish, and after dinner and until late night to do alpine skiing, or unwind in the European shops of Zagreb, or in its night clubs and discos.

Advent Christmas in Zagreb Croatia

Zagreb winter

Zagreb – the capital of Croatia — is a modern European city with an active cultural and sport life all year round. Zagreb attracts with its well-preserved medieval city, a very rich architecture, a variety of museums, theatres and exhibition galleries, old suburban castles, and a lively nightlife.

Advent Christmas in Zagreb Croatia

Advent Christmas in Zagreb Croatia

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Advent in Zagreb

In 2015 popular travel portal Best European Christmas Destination proposed Zagreb for The Best European Christmas Destination.

In Zrinevac park, one of the most beautiful parks in the centre of Zagreb, Christmas fairy tale festivities are organised every year on Christmas eve and during the holidays.

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Advent in Split

Advent in Split Christmas in Split Croatia

Carnivals in Croatia

Winter is a traditional time of carnivals in Croatia.
The carnivals are held in several cities in Croatia.

Rijeka Carnival Rijecki Karneval Croatia

There is Carnival in Rijeka city, Samoborski Fasnik in Samobor, Carnival in Split city, Carnival in Pula city, Carnival – Fasnik in Zagreb city…

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Croatian sights in winter

Croatia is famous not only for its sea, but also for its wonderful old cities, castles, a number of sights – 7 of the UNESCO monuments are found on the territory of Croatia, and nature parks.

Plitvice lakes winter

All the fortresses, museums and parks work all year round and wait for their visitors.

Trakoscan Castle Croatia

In winter, prices in Croatia are much lower, the streets are less busy, the weather is warm, and everything encourages unhurried walks and a careful examination of the sights of the coastal of Adriatic and sights of the continental (Zagreb) parts of Croatia, both of which are worthy of your attention.

Advent in Split Christmas in Split Croatia

Visiting the sights of Croatia in winter is a true pleasure for the lovers of architecture and art, minus summer heat.

Ski in Croatia

Croatia has modern and well-equipped ski resorts of Croatia.

Just beyond Rijeka there is the snowy Platak; a bit farther there is the Croatian Olympic centre Bjelolasica 620 meters above sea level. In 10 km from Zagreb – the capital of Croatia – there is the ski resort Sljeme on the slopes of mount Medvednica.

Ski Croatia Plitvice Lakes

Also the Plitvice Lakes National Park invites to ski and skate.

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Skating in Croatia

In winter skating rinks works in different parts of Croatia for entertainment children and adults.

Ice skating rink Zagreb Croatia

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Thermal aqua park & spa of Croatia

Next to Zagreb city there are several water parks which open all year.

Thermal water parks Croatia open all year

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Croatian thermal medical centres

There are several thermal medical clinics in Croatia where the treatment is based on natural mineral water (toplice), which are open all year round. The medical centres have modern equipment and qualified staff members.

Winter in Croatia Krapinske toplice

Arthritis, osteoporosis, psoriasis and varix dilatation are treated in Croatia, and also prophylactic treatment of sports injuries and skin rejuvenation are conducted. Irregularities of the supporting-motor apparatus of traumatic and post-operational kinds, problems with the central and peripheral nervous systems, diseases of the digestive system, diabetes mellitus, various skin diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are also treated.

Many Croatian thermal medical centres have Spa, water parks, and other places of entertainment.

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Thermal water parks Croatia open all year

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