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Zagreb & Zagorje sightseeing


Sightseeing Zagreb

Zagreb & Zagorje neighborhood of Zagreb

Donji & Gornji Grad of Zagreb, Trakoscan castle, Samobor, Museum of ancient man in Krapina, city Varazdin.

The largest thermal clinics of Croatia are in central Croatia — Terme Tuhelj, terme Varazdin, Krapina terme, unique clinic Naftalan…

Zagreb city sights

Sightseeing of Croatia Zagreb capital of CroatiaDistance to Pula 268 km
Distance to Split 370 km

Zagreb is a unique place because of the different epochs history combination. In the historical center of Zagreb you can find medieval Gornj Grand and architectural monuments of Donj Grad built in 19th century.
Zagreb is the oldest city in Europe. We first heard of Zagreb in 1093.
Zagreb is a capital of Croatia and at the same time a modern European city.

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Medvednica nature park

Sightseeing of Croatia Medvednica nature park
Distance to Zagreb 15 km

The well-furnished park — the mountain range — Medvednica is a favoured place for the people of Zagreb to rest all year round.
In the summer Medvednica means numerous paths leading across the fir-and-beech forest, the Veternica cave (7128 m long), the Zrinski mine and the fortress of Medvedgrad — a defensive fortification built in the 13th century.
The fortress of Medvedgrad invites to have a look at its walls and the interior of the fortress, look down at Zagreb and the surrounding area from the watchtower 500 m high. Croatian Zagorje with its picturesque rivers and forests is in the northwestern part of Croatia.

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Zagorje Palaces

Sightseeing of Croatia Palaces of Zagorje Croatia Distance to Zagreb 45 km
Distance to Split 410 km

Zagorje with its picturesque rivers and forests is in the northwestern part of Croatia.

Among the main landmarks of Zagorje are: Gornja Stubica — the Orsic palace, the Veliki Tabor palace, the Traskocan palace, the settlement of Kumrovec, Klanec, the forest of Medvednica, Ivancici, Maceljski highlands, thermal springs: Krapinske, Stubicke and Tuheljske toplice.

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Sightseeing of Croatia Karlovac
Distance to Zagreb 56 km
Distance to Rijeka 128 km

One of the most ancient and the most beautiful cities of Croatia, Karlovac was founded in the 16th century — and today it is the administrative centre of the Karlovacka zupanja of Croatia.

Karlovac is located in 56 km from Zagreb – the capital of Croatia. Karlovac is conveniently located on the intersection of large motorways of Zagreb and Rijeka.

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Sightseeing of Croatia Varazdin
Distance to Zagreb 80 km
Distance to Split 450 km
Distance to Dubrovnik 655 km

The first written mention of Varazdin is dated the 12th century.

In the 18th century during the reign of Maria-Theresa the city became the capital of Croatia. During this time, many palaces, which are still standing today, were built. Varazdin is often called the “open-air Baroque museum”.

A trip to the City of Angels Varazdin can be combined with an excursion around the Traskocan palace.

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Rastoke water mills

What to see in Zagreb Rastoke water mills
Distance to Zagreb 105 km
Dstance to Rijeka 142 km

Rastoke is a picturesque village with water mills — a part of the city of Sljun — famous for its small waterfalls and well-preserved water mills. Rastoke grew as a region of millers in the 17th century, and maybe even earlier.

The Rastoke water mills are often called “Small Plitvice Lakes”. The village attracts with its caves, river canyons, beautiful views and its unforgettable natural zest.

The Krizek jewellery factory

What to see near Zagreb Krizek jewellery factory

The Krizek jewellery factory is the most famous and the only one in Croatia, where they make jewellery of gold, silver with gems, and it is the manufacturer of the national jewellery of Dubrovnik, Rijeka-Kvarner and Slavonia.

The Krizek jewellery factory has been working since 1935, 4 generations of jewelers have changed at the factory already.

The jewellery of the Krizek factory are renowned far beyond the borders of Croatia.

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Plitvice lakes national nature park

Plitvice lakes national nature park What to see in Croatia
Distance from Zagreb 137 km
Distance from Split 276 km

Plitvice lakes are an oasis of virgin nature surrounded by mountains covered in thick forests. There are 16 beautiful lakes with transparent blue-green water here. Rivulets and springs constantly fill the lakes, which are connected with foamy cascades and roaring waterfalls.
Plitvice lakes fot the status of a national park in 1949. The nature park Plitvice lakes is one of the most beautiful sights of Europe.

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Baraceve caves

Baraceve caves What to see in CroatiaDistance from Zagreb 123 km
Distance from Zadar 154 km

Baraceve caves are located 6 km to the east of the town of Rakovica (not far from the A1 Zagreb-Split highway).

Baraceve caves are karst caves, their total length is 27 km. They were first mentioned in 1874.

In April 2004 the caves were reopened for general public, 112 years later.

The fortress Nehaj Sinj

Sightseeing of Croatia fortress Nehaj Sinj Croatia
Distance to Zagreb 161 km
Distance to Pula 172 km

The fortress Nehaj is situated on the coastline near the city Sinj. It was built in 1558 on the hill to protect the territories from Turkish and Venetian invasions. The fortress is perfectly saved up to our time. The fortress Nehaj is rectangular in shape and oriented to all cardinal directions. The height of fortress walls is 18 m, and the width is 23 m.

There is a wonderful museum in the fortress Nehaj. The fortress is open for visiting by tourists. There is an unforgettable view of the coastline from the fortress walls.

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Sightseeing near Zagreb Samobor Croatia

Photo Samobor Croatia. Photo by