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One of the most ancient and the most beautiful towns of Croatia – Karlovac – was founded in the 16th century, and today it is the administrative centre of the Karlovac region of Croatia.

The population of the town of Karlovac is 49 082 people.

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Initially, a fortress for protection against the Turks was build on the spot where the future town of Karlovac would be located, where the rivers Kupa and Korana merge. The fortress was named after the Austrian Duke Karl II, who gave the order of its construction. An Italian architect planned the fortress in the shape of a six-pointed star.

The fortress of Karlovac was assaulted six times, but it never surrendered, which led to it receiving the deserved title of impregnable.

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After the retreat of the Turks, the town began to grow beyond its boundaries around the fortress, and to actively develop at the intersection of trade routes.

Karlovac Croatia photos

The main sights of Karlovac: the Church of Holy Trinity (1692) built in the Baroque style with a marble altar and a street-clock, a very interesting museum of church art in the building of a Franciscan monastery, the old museum Zorin Dom, the town museum located in the 17th century Francopan palace.

In the town museum you can see the historical, ethnographic, archeologial and cultural exhibits and facts about Karlovac’s rich history.

Karlovac Croatia photos

Karlovac is located 56 km away from Zagreb – the capital of Croatia.

Karlovac is conveniently located at the intersection of major highways of Zagreb city and Rijeka city.

The sights of Karlovac area

The natural riches of the Karlovac area are no less interesting than Karlovac itself.

It is crossed by deep rivers Dobra, Mreznica, Kupa and Korana. Karlovac is surrounded by thick centuries-old forests and waterfalls, partially included in the world-famous Plitvice Lakes national park.

Waterfalls & mills Rastoke and town of Slunj

The town of Slunj, according to legend, was founded by King Zvonimir, but for the first time it was mentioned as a feudal fortification in the 12th century.
Rastoke waterfalls mills Croatia
In Slunj, you can visit the ruins of an old Francopan fortress, built in the 15th century along with a Franciscan monastery during war with the Turkish kingdom. In the 16th century, the town was razed by a Turkish army and made an outpost of the Military border. At the end of the 17th century, the place started to look the same as it Slunj looks like now.

Rastoke is a part of the town of Slunj, which is famous for its waterfalls and its preserved watermills. Rastoke grew as a millers’ area back in the 17th century, and it is supposed that it had happened earlier.

… more about Rastoke waterfalls & mills

Karlovac Croatia photos

Croatian palaces. The Karlovac region. Croatia

Gospic. Karlovac Croatia photos

Gospic. The Karlovac region. Croatia

Gospic. Karlovac Croatia photos

Gospic. The Karlovac region. Croatia

Karlovac Croatia photos

The mills Rastoke. The Karlovac region. Croatia

Gospic. Karlovac Croatia photos

The cave Spilja Vrlovka. The Karlovac region. Croatia

The underground cave Spilja Vrlovka is located to the nortwest of Karlovec, 65 km away from Zagreb and 128 km away from Rijeka. Spilja Vrlovka is a karst cave. In the cave, there is a river and numerous stalactites. The cave is 380 m long.

The cave was discovered in 1928 by the explorer Vladimir Horvat. The cave was provided with electricity and open for visits in 1978.

Karlovacko beer – Karlovacko pivo

In Karlovac there is found the largest beer factory in Croatia – Karlovacko pivo.

Karlovacko beer pivo Karlovac Croatia photos

Every year, Days of Beer (Dani Piva) are celebrated in Karlovac.

In 2012, the 26th Dani Piva took place from August 24th to September 2nd.

During Dani Piva the Karlovac beer factory organises free bus and train rides from Zagreb to Carlovac.

Traditionally, during Dani Piva in Carlovac, beer degustations and music events take place.

Web Karlovac beer factory – www.karlovacko.hr

Karlovacko beer pivo Karlovac Croatia photos

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