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Welcome to Croatia

Thinking of where to go on vacation with your family? 5 reasons to choose Croatia: 1:) the sea, which is as clean as it gets, is Croatia’s trademark. Croatian beaches have received international awards for cleanness more than once; 2:)… more about

Omis resort Central Dalmatia Croatia

Omis Travel guide

GPS coordinates of the city Omis 43°26′N 16°41′E  City resort Omis is a cozy resort town of Middle Dalmatia, with the population of 15000 people, is located right on the Adriatic sea. The city of Omis is located in the mouth of the… more about

Zagreb for two hours walking tour

Only two hours and Zagreb will become your friend! author’s walking tour

Zagreb main sights – walking author’s tour: Only two hours and Zagreb will become your friend! The author hopes this information will be interesting and useful to you :) How to visit nine recognizable sights and monuments of old Medieval… more about

Information for traveller about Croatia

Croatia about

Croatia is Mediterranean country located in central Europe. Croatia is located on the Pannonian plains to the Adriatic Sea. The length of the Croatian coastline – 5835 km. Croatia is also called “country of thousand lakes”. There are 1246 islands in… more about

Shopping in Split Croatia

Shopping in Split

Split is the second largest city of Croatia after the capital Zagreb. In Split city there are several large modern shopping and entertainment centers, with cafes, restaurants, cinemas, play areas. A visit to the shopping centers of Split is an… more about

Biokovo national natural park Croatia

The Biokovo natural park

Biokovo is one of the largest and the most beautiful Dalmatian mountains, it is amazingly close to the sea. Mt Biokovo is also remarkable because it rises 1800 m above sea level. It is the highest and the longest peak… more about

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